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Fire From The Sky - Part 7

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Fire From The Sky - Part 7



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The Russian craft are not always visible; actually they are almost never visible and from an orbiting standpoint they are as any other satellite which would be too small to be seen by the eye alone. They are shielded by a very sophisticated stealth shielding system. The "aliens" sometimes neutralize the Russian systems in hope that we will see them and wake up to what is happening, but we are too brainwashed to accept the truth.


You may ask, if the aliens are benevolent, why don't they help us? Who would they help? Which side is the "good guys?" We have to first ask for their help, then we have to accept their help and follow their rules. Instead, both the American and Russian (and other) governments have tried to shoot them down.


The flurries of UFO sightings over Australia and New Zealand were actually due to Cosmospheres with monitoring alien craft along with some of our own monitoring craft with sufficient speed capability.


The U.S. in the 1970s decided to outflank Russia by deploying Minuteman and other nuclear missiles all over the world, since our main bases such as Edwards, White Sands, etc., were all monitored by Russian Cosmospheres. We believed that we could disable the Cosmospheres long enough to launch a missile attack against Russia. We came very close to doing just that several times, but each time we were defeated by the Cosmospheres which saved the world from nuclear nightmare. Who are the "Good guys," friends?





It is well known to U.S. scientific intelligence analysts that the Cosmospheres hover by floating in the earth's electro-static field. They also presume that the Russians use the same techniques we would use in order to aim their Particle-beam weapons - that is, a combination of infrared detection and radar. They reasoned that if the Cosmospheres can be disturbed from their hovering positions and if their sensing systems can be blinded, their particle-beam weapons would do no good - even if they fired they would be aimed wildly and miss our rockets as they would be launched.


The solution devised was called a Cobalt Ionization Bomb. Unlike a normal cobalt bomb, such a device is not designed to create a tremendous blast; its primary purpose, instead, is to create tremendous quantities of totally ionized cobalt atoms stripped of all their electrons, leaving bare nuclei. The plan is to detonate these at various locations in the upper fringes of the atmosphere, as high as possible, but below the hovering altitude of the Cosmospheres.


The result will be an enormous storm of electrons, spreading horizontally in the Earth's magnetic field to pass underneath the Cosmospheres. When you hear in the news that we have recently launched a satellite that "illuminates the electrostatic/magnetic field," does that make more sense now? And do you remember that the launch was considered to be a secret military mission? It would also disrupt the infrared and radar systems used to watch the missiles below; and while the Cosmospheres are briefly incapacitated in this manner, our rulers planned to launch our ICBMs right past them.


Meanwhile, ground-based high-power lasers would be used in the effort to shoot down the Cosmospheres. But, my friends, your masters fell victim to the very intelligence gap which they themselves brought about years past, which I wrote about in my newsletters in 1978, because the Russians well understand the importance of surprise, including technological surprise. And so, while they have allowed their space triad to become known in intelligence circles because of its deployment, they still have a master secret weapon in reserve for the war itself.


This weapon is a system to protect the Achilles' heel of their beam-weapons - the ability to aim them accurately. It is called "Psychoenergetic Range Finding" or PRF. PRF does not rely on conventional radiations like infrared or radar - instead, it is based upon detection of the actual atomic signature of the target, and normal jamming techniques have no effect whatsoever on PRF. Therefore, when the American cobalt ionization bombs explode, the Cosmospheres would be able to aim right through the electron storms to blast our missiles or ANYTHING ELSE in the target.


In November an alternate plan for the second launch was presented. This plan would be an abbreviated orbital mission. So, the second Space Shuttle launch took place from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on November 12, 1981, seven months after the first launch.


Some seven hours after launch it was announced that the flight was going to be cut short. Therefore, the secret plan for an abbreviated mission was verified and under way. As an excuse, NASA pretended that a faulty fuel cell was responsible for shortening the mission.


The abbreviated Space Shuttle mission in November was the legacy of the total disaster which engulfed the first Shuttle launch in April. In November, just as the prior April, no part of the real Shuttle flight was heard other than the Florida take-off. The identical theatrical techniques that were used to fool the public in April were again utilized, including some of the same taped segments - no one noticed, not even when the story did not match the sound or pictures.


Remember, we watched the *Columbia* take off but it was the *Enterprise* that landed in California.


The *Enterprise* was a very specially designed Shuttle, unlike the *Columbia* or the three other Shuttles which secretly existed at White Sands. The *Enterprise* was a training Shuttle with its cargo bay filled with rocket fuel tanks. Launched from the top of an airborne 747, the *Enterprise* was able to make short suborbital flights into space, but due to its fuel tanks it could carry no payload in its cargo bay.


In the wake of the secret Space Shuttle disaster in April, the military Shuttle planners sent the *Enterprise* to Florida.


Originally, they were simply trying to buy time. But time was going by quickly because the American Bolsheviks were on an accelerated timetable to bring about WAR! Arguments broke out among the military Shuttle planners over the original plan to throw away a launch just to keep up appearances.


A scheme was finally constructed to use the *Enterprise* itself in November for a military mission.





Just as computers are handy for helping with the workloads of people, they also make handy scapegoats to cover a massive multitude of errors and omissions. This time a computer problem would be the important factor in deliberately shortening the second Shuttle flight - as information to be lied forth to the public. So, on the evening before the launch, there was a sudden flurry of activity at Cape Canaveral.


Supposedly a data processing module aboard the Shuttle - that is, part of its computer system - "was misbehaving." We were told that a replacement was flown in, and we saw workmen rushing to install something aboard the Shuttle. It was all going on, literally, at the very last minute, just before the large external tanks started being loaded with rocket fuel.


The last minute rush at Pad 39-A that evening on November 11 was not to load a computer module as we were told - and shown. Instead, special photo reconnaissance equipment was installed in the rear deck of the crew compartment. It was arranged to look out of the two overhead windows. The *Enterprise* was unable to carry a spy satellite in its cargo bay as mentioned earlier, so instead the *Enterprise* itself was turned into a spy satellite.


The makeshift spy apparatus installed in the crew compartment rear deck was not as good as that of a regular spy satellite, but the military planners were desperate. By the way, you can fool your friends quite easily but you can rarely fool your enemy for they are watching most closely and the Russians knew, moment by moment, what was happening.


It would soon be four years since Russia finished destroying all of the American spy satellites with her fleet of Killer Satellites. The military Shuttle team was hoping to use "surprise" in order to get at least a little bit of reconnaissance over Russia. It was hoped that the Russians would consider the *Enterprise* to be no threat since it could not carry anything in its cargo bay.


NASA, also, did everything it could to convince the Russians that a non-threatening orbit would be used. Finally, the launch time was shifted by about 2-1/2 hours on the morning of November 12th. That was intended to make it harder for the Russian Cosmos INTERCEPTORS to readjust their orbits to attack the *Enterprise.*


The last item reflects a deadly intelligence error made by the United States military Shuttle team. They knew about Russia's orbital cosmos interceptors, the Killer Satellites. They also knew about the first generation Cosmospheres, Russia's Levitating Weapons Platforms. Both were first deployed some four years prior. The American planners knew that the Space Shuttle COULD probably outrun the "first-generation" Cosmospheres, therefore they believed that the orbiting cosmos interceptors were the main threat to the Shuttle.


WHAT THEY DID NOT KNOW - BUT DID SUSPECT - WAS THAT RUSSIA HAD DEVELOPED AND DEPLOYED A SMALL FLEET OF SEMI-EXPERIMENTAL SECOND GENERATION COSMOSPHERES. In April there had been seven in operation - by November there were at least eight or nine. The new Cosmospheres were called "Super Heavies, or "Jumbos," and could outrun and outlift anything America had, including the Shuttle. The Russians even gave NASA pointed information about them as far back as the April launch.


There were some in America's intelligence community who correctly interpreted what happened and informed the planners. But the American Bolsheviks who controlled America's military space program were refusing to accept it. They were explaining away the fragments of intelligence about the new Russian Jumbo Cosmospheres and thereby guaranteeing their own failure.


When the *Enterprise* took off there were no human pilots aboard. It was a known suicide mission. The *Enterprise* followed an evasive, curving launch, just as the *Columbia* had done in April. It headed toward the north which would indicate a near polar orbit. When it passed over Russia the *Enterprise* was to be upside down with its spy camera staring downward through the crew compartment windows.


Five nice big fat Jumbo Cosmospheres were right on hand and kept pace along with quite a good number of "alien" craft, as it climbed toward orbit. Moscow was instantly notified of the course it was taking - but the Russians were told not to fire on the Shuttle. Instead the Russian Ballistic Missile Defense Forces were alerted. The Russians knew war was coming and the decided to use the approach of the Shuttle as a good test drill.





It had been known for two years that Russia had been preparing to deploy a new anti-ballistic missile system and underground shelter systems were improved and renovated along with new shelters being installed and totally updated for the population security. Our government did nothing for us good tax-paying citizens. The new missile system was based on charged particle beam weapons fired from modified supersonic TU-144s Jet Transports. On November 12 a squadron of TU-144s were scrambled to intercept and shoot down the *Enterprise.*




NASA went ahead with its made-for-television space movies and followed the preplanned script for a shortened mission. They knew within the hour after launch that the *Enterprise* had been destroyed. Having learned about Russia's plans, in April, to create an international incident with the crashed Shuttle, they wanted to complete the flight, in the world's eyes, quickly.


The Shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on November 14th was a replay of the Shuttle we saw the previous April. Literally, those long distance telephoto shots of the Shuttle swooping in from the stratosphere were the very same ones that were shown in April. NASA merely fed videotapes of the long distance scenes from April to the networks and added a fresh narrative to them. The only part of the landing that was live in November was the terminal portion which could be seen from the ground.


The Shuttle we were shown landing was one of the new Shuttles from White Sands. It had been carried aloft by the launch aircraft, boosted to a modest speed and altitude by a pair of solid fuel booster rockets - enough to produce sonic resonance, and then it swooped down to the delight of the attending crowd.


Since we all witnessed how well that second Shuttle worked out the next launch was already set for March, just three months from that perfect landing. It was planned to launch the third Shuttle right on schedule. Well, *Enterprise* would no longer be an embarrassing problem to NASA.


We now had a new Shuttle, the third we were shown with "Columbia" on it and it awaited at Cape Canaveral. Its cargo bay awaited a NEW secret military pay load. That particular Shuttle had really been modified and ARMED FOR BATTLE in space. Our idiot Bolshevik military planners continued and still continue to refuse to understand what they are really up against - and thusly, another tragedy was already in the final stages of being made.





To give an overview of the world events coincidental to the Shuttle launches, we need to go back to the attempted assassination of Reagan, March 30. That news flashed myriads of questions around the world instantly as old concerns were triggered. Would some other country try to take advantage in some way? Most of all, would Russia decide to invade Poland? At that time headlines were telling us that an invasion might be imminent. As it turned out then, our worries about that were unfounded but we had no way to know.


Instead of "invading," the Russians were in the process of cooling down the latest "Solidarity" labor crisis. Likewise, other nations around the world generally acted with restraint following news of the shooting and literally, without much surprise or reaction, for the planners know the plans. That is, all except one - the lone exception was ISRAEL! You may want to look closely at the next bits of information and see what you can discern.





The timing could not have been more precise, *if it had been planned in advance.* As the first shocking bulletins of the shooting flashed across America, Israeli war planes were starting their engines. As White House spokesmen were gathering to brief the press, ISRAELI FIGHTER BOMBERS WERE GATHERING OVER LEBANON. Through that afternoon and evening Americans huddled around their television sets for the latest word from George Washington University Hospital, completely transfixed on the happenings of our own day and totally distracted from anything else which might be occurring in the world.


Meanwhile, Lebanese villagers were huddling in basements and bombed-out shelters as Israeli missiles and bombs exploded all around them. On the BBS World Service and other short-wave radio news reports around the world, the sudden new Israeli raids on Lebanon that day were very big news indeed. But not so in America.


News of the presidential shooting and its aftermath drowned out everything else just exactly as it was supposed to do and you will never be told what REALLY happened with that shooting incident - but it didn't go exactly or precisely as planned but it did its job - after all, we ALL saw it, didn't we?


It was not until Syrian troops began making moves in response to the Israeli raids that Lebanon began to enter our consciousness in America. Day by day, the Israelis and Syrians lashed out at one another more and more, directly and through surrogates in Lebanon.


On April 28, Israeli jets shot down two Syrian helicopters over Lebanon. It was tremendous news overseas, but in the U.S. it was completely ignored in favor of an all-networks coverage of the President's speech to Congress the same evening. It was not until the following day, April 29, that the Lebanon crisis received billing in the American controlled major media.





The Syrians had moved Russian SAM-6 anti-aircraft missiles into the Beka Valley of Lebanon. This was Syria's answer to Israel's shooting down of two of her helicopters the day prior over Zahle. Thus, the Middle East missile crisis was born.





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