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How To Keep UFO Secrets From The Public P2

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Publication #201 December 2001


By C.A. Honey


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This last portion is designed to give the newcomer to the subject of Flying Saucers or UFO's a review of past incidents that have occurred since the modern flying saucer saga began back in the 1940's. Hopefully this will help them understand some of the weird incidents that occurred during past years right up to the present time. The main problem, as I see it, is in this present day and age fraud and deceit is so prevalent that a newcomer can't tell the "wheat from the chaff" and soon begins to feel that the inquiry into the subject is a complete waste of time.


It was different in the late forties and early fifties when a lot of the present day incidents began to happen. In those days we had no abduction reports getting any publicity. We had very few contactee claims to investigate, and science advances we have now were non-existent then.


Because photographs could not be taken and faked without easy exposure as fraudulent, genuine photos were much easier to find, although there were not too many around.


As an example, George Adamski photos were showing mechanical detail that back then could have been easily exposed as fake if they had not been genuine. While quite a few people expressed their ignorance by declaring them as photos of hubcaps, chicken breeders, and the like, the professional photographers actually examining the pictures found no evidence they were faked. Pev Marley, one of Hollywood's leading experts in doing trick photography for the movie studios, said that no evidence could be found showing trick photography was involved in Adamski's pictures. He further stated that to make such photos as Adamski had produced would require about $50,000 worth of special equipment in a laboratory.


Today, with our modern computers, printers and the like, any kid could produce photos as good as Adamski's. Back then it was impossible. The newcomer today needs to realize the differences that help authenticate those early pictures.


Today so much publicity has been given to the many reports that anyone knows just what to say to make their story seem to back up the others and vice versa. Because so many of these stories seem to confirm information given by others, the uninformed person thinks that all are either true or all are false.


Even seasoned investigators start to believe in "facts" which are not facts at all, but merely seem to confirm previous stories. The real facts can no longer be determined.


We have nonsense such as some of the visitor's look like insects, praying mantis in particular. Others believe that they are beings with elongated heads, eyes, and various other oddities, usually described as "grays." People have read too many science fiction books or seen too many monster movies.


Remember one important thing. Flying saucers are mechanical ships just as real as our own automobiles or airplanes. They could not have been designed and built by any people without normal fingers, normal strength, and normal intelligence. Bug-eyed monsters do not build anything except in fiction stories.


The "grays" do exist and are on most ships coming our way. But, they are manufactured beings that we would class as androids, and were designed to do most of the work. It is similar to the creation story of humans in the book of Genesis. Here we find that humans were created to do manual labor objected to by the people who came to this Earth seeking gold. As Genesis says: "And God said: Let us make Man in our image, after our likeness." This biblical tale is condensed from Sumerian stories of creation. God is a plural Deity referring to "let US" and in "OUR IMAGE" create man. Man was created and placed in the Garden of Eden to till the soil and do the hard labor objected too by the visitors to this planet. In like manner the "grays" were created to do most of the work on ships coming our way.


In every legitimate case of contact the report was always that a perfectly normal looking "human" was the leader in charge of the ship and the grays were doing most of the work.


Those of us here on the Earth who have had genuine contact with spacepeople coming our way, are in a position to straighten out this mess. But in this day and age they will not be believed either and will appear no different than any other person making contact claims, no matter how logical or illogical the other claims might be.


In 1958, after publishing the details of my witnessing one of George Adamski's contacts, I learned to keep all claims of any involvement of mine totally to myself. While the contact was part of the proof to me that Adamski was genuine in at least some of his claims, I soon learned that most people refused to believe it really happened. After that I tried to write in a manner that would be logical and scientific enough to stand on its own merit, and people would believe I knew what I was talking about.


One fatal flaw was in my reasoning at that time but I failed to recognize it soon enough. I believed implicitly in George Adamski as being 100% truthful. This was because I had proof entirely independent of him that his contact in the desert and his original pictures were genuine. Because of that I accepted everything else he said as genuine also.


I didn't realize for some time that a lot of his story as to details were his own opinions and not entirely accurate. This caused a problem that began to show up in later years as more discoveries began to appear in the scientific press.


For several years I was his ghostwriter and all of his literature, including the book Flying Saucers Farewell, originated from my typewriter. I repeated what he said in answering the many questions that readers of the S.P. NEWSLETTER submitted daily. I gave a lot of answers which I sincerely thought were correct, finding out later they were only Adamski's opinions and not necessarily factual. I am still trying to correct the ideas I published at that time, even now, 35 years later.


At least today we have a lot of new scientific evidence available that was unknown 35 or 40 years ago and backs up the correct theories of the past.


As I often say in my lectures or writing, anyone who still believes the exact same things today that they believed in years past has reached a state of mental stagnation. As we progress and accumulate more knowledge we must of necessity expand our ideas and modify them accordingly.


One of the big mistakes of the past was in accepting Adamski's theory that the various types of people here on Earth, or the various races, were outcasts gathered from other planets. To him they were banished to the Earth as punishment, then left here to climb back up from where they had fallen.


Today we have scientific evidence backing up ancient Sumerian claims as to the origin of humans and the variations that exist within it. While we may never know if their ideas were 100% correct, we can from the evidence they present, feel very confident that their theories are the best and most logical existing today. Unless something better eventually come along, I fully support these claims.


They claim that their knowledge and civilization was a direct result of information given to them by the Nefilim (God of Genesis) who came to this Earth-Moon-Mars system about 450,000 years ago in search of gold. Then to create a labor force to mine the gold and tend to crops for food, they created humans in their laboratory. Proof than modern man was created, and did not evolve through evolution, is given in my publication #232 entitledTHE CASE OF ADAM'S ALIEN GENES by Zecharia Sitchin. There is no charge for #232 if you have a computer than can decode compressed Zip File Format. Otherwise the only charge is for postage to your address.


The entire creation story in the Old Testament is a condensation and abbreviated version taken from Sumerian writings. This shows that creation was done by a group, and not one individual.


When we study ancient Sumerian history we find they not only had knowledge greater than thought possible at that time in history, they had vast quantities of astronomical knowledge that modern scientists have only discovered in the last 50 to 100 years. They claimed that the knowledge was given to them by Nefilim scientists from another planet in our solar system, and this supplied them with all the knowledge passed down to us today. Since they were aware of this knowledge six to ten thousand years ahead of us, and no other source has ever been found, it is scientific verifiable proof that they were in contact with beings from a higher planet.


One of the main arguments against flying saucers coming here from other worlds is this: Flying saucers could not possibly be coming here from outer space because the nearest star system to Earth is about 4½ light years away. Even at speeds hundreds of times greater than our fastest rockets it would take hundreds of years to reach the Earth, assuming that planets even existed near the star and could support humanoid life.


Today scientists claim to have discovered planets in orbit around certain stars. If we assume that life bearing planets were there it would take them about 80,000 years to make the trip. This whole idea that the flying saucers come from other star systems is nonsense. It merely shows once again the ignorance of the true facts about the origin of saucers.


Once again, if we believe the Sumerians knew what they were talking about, the planet they came from was in our own solar system. It was in orbit around our own sun, and on such a long distance from the Earth that it only came into our vicinity approximately every 3,600 years due to its elongated orbit. They had base on Mars where they started mining operations about 450,000 years ago, and another on our Moon. At the speeds their spaceships travel they could easily make trips back and forth from their planet. It wouldn't be any different than the early explorers here on Earth when they made voyages to the New World for gold. Their trips lasting from two to four years were accomplished routinely.


In today's news we find that a huge body in space, far beyond Pluto, has been found. It might very well be Nibiru, the planet of the Nefilim in Sumerian history. Only time will tell. (See Publication #238)


The argument reduces once again to "should we believe the astronomical data of the Sumerians and ignore the modern astronomers?" I have created a name for many of our present day scientists. They can be said to belong to a separate imaginary species related to Homo Sapien Sapien (modern man), I call this imaginary species - HOMO IGNORAMUS. (SEE PUBLICATION #244.)


The leader of this imaginary species is Philip Klass. He is one of the least knowledgeable individuals commenting on UFO's or related subjects that I have ever encountered. In case after case he ignores the reported information, makes up new information about the report, then proceeds to discount his own information. If something in the original report cannot be explained to his satisfaction, he ignores it completely. By ignoring it he must assume it will go away. This is anything except a scientific method.


He reminds me of scientists who proclaimed a few years ago that stones do not fall from the sky. Why? Because "there are no stones in the sky."


Or the preacher who says the Bible is the infallible word of God. " How do you know this, you ask?" "Because it says so in the Bible," he replies.



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