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Newsletter Archive Dec 1997

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Newsletter Archive Dec 1997


Dec 1, 1997

Update; Extraterrestrial Exposure Law Removed!
Military Testing "Flying Saucer" In Georgia
TWA 800: The Controversy Continues
Bill Wanted UFO Probe: Hubbell Book
Death: Dressed In White
UFO-Specific Sites
A Fond Farewell to the Founder of Skywatch


Dec 8, 1997

The Poltergeist Machine
The Amytiville Horror
The Stone-Throwing Spook of Little Dixie
Visit To A Haunted Cemetery


Dec 15, 1997

The Poltergeist Machine P2
Ghostly Occurrences - Last Visit Home
Ghostly Occurrences - The Ouija
International Ghost Hunters Society


Dec 22, 1997

Admission of Experiences with MIBs
Some More Men in Black Cases
Physical Evidence
An Amazing Landing
History of the Agents of Terror
Mystery on the Mohawk
The Andreasson Legacy
The Currant Era: The Bender Episode
True Tales of the MIB


Dec 29, 1997

Do Aliens Abduct Humans
New Cattle Mutes
Chile Sighting
Korean War Battlefield UFO Encounter
Alien Survey
Interesting Lists
Multiple UFO Sightings and 2 Craft Landings
Rod-Shaped UFOs Startle Motorists In Australia



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