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Newsletter Archive 1998

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Newsletter Archive 1998


Newsletter Archive Jan 1998


Jan 5, 1998

Goat Sucker Craze!
Chupacabras Update
Lizard Men


Jan 12, 1998

Debris Found From Crashed UFO Craft
Black Rainbow
The Man Who "Outed" the U.S. Saucer Program


Jan 19, 1998

The Philadelphia Experiment
Did Navy Ship Turn Invisible
Hearing about the Strange Happenings


Jan 26, 1998

Montauk Air Force Station - Active or Not?
No Picnics at Camp Hero State Park
The Pharaohs of Montauk



Newsletter Archive Feb 1998


Feb 9, 1998

Unearthing the Phoenix Conspiracy


Feb 16, 1998

My Trip To Area 51
Other Fireball Events
The Perth Event
Silent Fireballs



Newsletter Archive Mar 1998


Mar 9, 1998

Mysterious Fireball
Fireball 'Explosions' and Other Considerations


Mar 16, 1998

Oklahoma City 'Bombing'


Mar 23, 1998

Fireballs, Luminous Tubes


Mar 30, 1998

Moon Base Photo Said Seen By Top Security AF Vet!
Past Lives? Reincarnation?



Newsletter Archive Apr 1998


Apr 20, 1998

DA, Nevada Lab Investigate Cattle Mutilations
North Slope Police Probe Mystery of Dead Cows
Cattle Mutilations as a Metamorphical Message
Las Vegas Mutilation in 94'
Man Freaked out on Dragging Cow!


Apr 27, 1998

Animal Mutilations




Newsletter Archive May 1998


May 4, 1998

How Many Stars Are In The Known Universe?


May 25, 1998

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle



Newsletter Archive Jun 1998


Jun 22, 1998

Mother Ship Viewed At Close Range By Pilot


Jun 29, 1998

Haunted Places



Newsletter Archive Jul 1998


Jul 6, 1998

Nature Of The Alien
Chupacabra Killed By Motorist?
True Story Poltergeists Do Exist!


Jul 13, 1998

Chupacabra made its way to West Texas


Jul 27, 1998

Our Shining Visitors



Newsletter Archive Aug 1998


Aug 3, 1998

Classic Signs Of Hauntings Researched!


Aug 10, 1998

Cattle Mutilations, Las Vegas Style (Duplicate article from Apr 20)
Voices From The Netherworld? Or Not!


Aug 17, 1998

A New Look At The Moon


Aug 24, 1998

Haunts Of Brisbane Investigating Reports
Brisbane's Ghostly Past Revisited


Aug 31, 1998

Baffling Crop Formations Appear



Newsletter Archive Sep 1998


Sep 7, 1998

Possible Explanations Into Some Ghostly Sightings


Sep 14, 1998

'Area 51' Last Of Secret Military Bases
Black Forest Haunting Update



Newsletter Archive Oct 1998


Oct 5, 1998

The Scott Stones


Oct 12, 1998

A Nottingham Ghost Story



Newsletter Archive Nov 1998


Nov 2, 1998

The Ghost Of The Hotel Del Coronada


Nov 9, 1998

Are You An Alien Abductee?


Nov 11, 1998

Alien Implant Removals


Nov 16, 1998

In Search Of Atlantis



Newsletter Archive Dec 1998


Dec 7, 1998

The Harrold House Haunting
10 Great Places For Monstrous Encounters


Dec 21, 1998

Himalayan Climber's Abominable Sighting


Dec 28, 1998

French Woman Reduced To Ashes
Nostradamus and Saddam Hussein




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