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Newsletter Archive 1999

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Newsletter Archive 1999


Newsletter Archive Jan 1999


Jan 4, 1999

Ghosts of the Prairie



Newsletter Archive Feb 1999





Newsletter Archive Mar 1999


Mar 1, 1999

Night Of The Chupacabras
Interview With The Most Haunted Band In Canada
Edward Leedskalnin and Coral Castle



Newsletter Archive Apr 1999


Apr 19, 1999

Was There a 'Roswell' in 1865?



Newsletter Archive May 1999






Newsletter Archive Jun 1999


Jun 14, 1999

Siberian Yeti



Newsletter Archive Jul 1999


Jul 05, 1999

DA Investigating Mysterious Cow Deaths
Crop Circles: What is it all coming to?


Jul 19, 1999

Cayce on Atlantis
The NWO And The Return Of The Gods



Newsletter Archive Aug 1999


Aug 2, 1999

Old-Ghosts-Tour in Alton
4 Bdrms, 2 Baths, 1 Ghost Homes
Bump In The Night
Battlefield Full Of Ghost Stories
Haunting Legal Question Is Raised For Halloween
3 Men and a Ghost? Demand Soars
Ghost-Spirited: Legislators Suspect Office
Tour Offers Up The Eerie On Queen Mary


Aug 30, 1999

A Ghost In The House
The Ancestors In Haitian Vodou



Newsletter Archive Sep 1999


Sep 6, 1999

Nazi Moon Bases


Sep 13, 1999

Believe It Or Not/200,000 Year Old...


Sep 20, 1999

Poltergeist On Trial / The Cock Lane 'Ghost'



Newsletter Archive Oct 1999


Oct 4, 1999

Sasquatch Devotee Says The Truth Stinks


Oct 25, 1999

Project Paperclip/Overcast
In Search Of Apparitions



Newsletter Archive Nov 1999


Nov 1, 1999

In Search Of Those Elusive Things



Newsletter Archive Dec 1999


Dec 13, 1999

Haunting Season In New York




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